Armoured Train, Hollebeke 1914

This train is photographed atop Hollebeke rail bridge, with part of the canal bridge raising structure visible to the left. The crew in Belgian caps can be seen above a chalk sign “England For Ever”. HMT Jellicoe had arrived in Ypres from Antwerp on 14th October and had run out to Houthem to fire at distant targets on 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th October, firing from the Hollebeke position on the 18th. Each evening it returned to Ypres. On the 22nd and 23rd, the train was again stopped at Hollebeke, firing this time at Houthem village. It returned for one last time to Hollebeke on the 27th of October to fire at ‘America’, a hill from which the German forces were putting pressure on the British salient at Kruiseke.

Armoured train Jellicoe was under command of Australian born Lionel D. Robinson, a 27-year-old gunnery instructor. His crew consisted of 72 Belgian volunteers and two British gunners. The train had been constructed in Antwerp in September and mounted three 4.7″ guns.

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