Die Kleine Bastion

For years I was convinced that die Kleine Bastion was a term used by the Germans for their side of the canal; a sort of compensation for the British occupation of die Grosse Bastion. I was slightly bothered by finding a photograph in the history of IR124. The feature labelled ‘Kl. Bastion‘ did not seem to exist.

In a photograph lately acquired, and labelled ‘Blik auf engl. kl. Bastion‘ it is confirmed that there was indeed a Kleine Bastion opposite the Bluff, a definite hillock that jutted above the surrounding landscape.

Which begs the question: Where is it now? The place where the Kleine Bastion stood is now capped flat, to the same level as the neighbouring field. Perhaps the earth was used in landscaping the golf course. It is a shame that it is not there as it was an important vantage point from the British front line.

Looking back at photographer who took the photos at top of page: The German front line viewed from die Kleine Bastion: IWM photo Q41805. Canal and fallen bridge on the left. The German photographer was on the raised position on right of frame, Backofen Beobachtungstelle.

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