Medical Aid Post

As the German invasion reached Zillebeke in May 1940, the inhabitants of Café Entrepot moved their stock and possessions to this bunker for safety. Scottish soldiers soon evicted them and set up a machine gun on top. In the first photograph, German troops of 12/IR17 set off in pursuit of the Scots, who will make a last stand at the White Chateau.

Accessible from Komenseweg, this high ceilinged and dry bunker is still painted white inside. This was a medical aid post built in 1916, notable being the large drain hole necessary for medical sanitation reasons. Remarkable is the survival of one of the two metal doors. This has been buckled by an assault with some kind of axe. Examining the 1940 photo, it does not look like it happened then. It is therefore more likely this happened during the short but intense fight for the Kanal Koffer between volunteers from IR26 and ‘The Buffs’ on 14th June 1917.

Many of the enemy tried to escape round the Eastern side of the SPOIL BANK, but these were also shot including an officer and a Sergt. Major and a FELDWEBEL was eventually captured after fighting four of our men single handed.

National Archives WO/95/2207 8th Battalion The East Kent Regiment

If you would like to follow the events of 26th – 28th May 1940 in the Palingbeek, the foremost expert on this subject explains everything in great detail here:-

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