‘Kingsway’ was the name used by the British for the canal path between Spoilbank and Lock 8. In a stroke of luck, while the Voormezele side of the canal was at the level of the neighbouring field, the Ypres side was a bank around 4 metres above its surroundings. Even better, this embankment was hidden from the view of the German observers at Hill 60 and the White Chateau ridge.

Kingsway, with Spoilbank Cemetery on the left leading away to Lock 8 on the right.

As it was safe to walk around here, protected by the embankment, dugouts would soon line the entire bank. If you were lucky, they would contain furniture and furnishings:

Battalion Headquarters was moved today at 11.00pm from BEDFORD HOUSE to dug out on KINGSWAY. This was made by companies in reserve and consists of mess for all officers of two companies. Commanding Officer’s bedroom, cook house and telephone operator’s room. Very well built and well furnished with chairs from LANKHOF CHATEAU.

Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry War Diary 1st Battalion, 18th April 1915

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